06 October 2020
The Nobel Peace Prize awarded to @FawziaKoofi77 could be the final turning point towards peace. Peace talks between Ms Fawzia Koofi and Mullah Baradar would lead the Taliban to choose between two options: either negotiate peace with Women, or become enemies of the World.

03 October 2020
I started this GoFundMe https://gf.me/u/yj3txu after 2 years of treating cancer & getting used to living with the severe disability that it has caused. To return to work as a self-employed person in AFG, I need funds to reorganize my sole proprietorship, and I ask for your support to start over. Your help will not be forgotten; I will always be available to assist you in case you are interested in carrying out projects in AFG, regardless of whether your projects are commercial or not for profit.

02 October 2020
Dried figs are an excellent source of dietary fiber, a wealth of essential minerals such as potassium, iron & calcium, and rich in health-promoting antioxidants and complex carbohydrates. And Afghanistan produces the best figs in the world. Buy from Afghanistan!

30 September 2020
I created a new page on my website as my humble and sincere help for all those migrants who had to leave their homeland because of the war, and suffer injustices and discrimination in Italy or in any other country of the EU. Now you can let me know your story, if you want (Your story and identity will not be disclosed without your prior consent). I don't have the power to solve your problems, but I certainly have the strength to make your problems known to those who can and MUST solve them!

30 September 2020
The Chambers of Commerce of the two countries agreed to hold regular webinars, including major investors; to exchange business ideas and to discuss the specifics of investment opportunities in agribusiness (tea, coconut oil, saffron, fresh fruits & dried nuts), services (skilled/unskilled labor), logistics, textiles (garments, carpets & rugs), gemstones (precious and semi-precious stones), tourism, medical tourism, higher education tourism, as well as other sectors of mutual investment interest.

25 September 2020
In my future activities there will also be an important space for the promotion and sale of saffron, dried fruit, and handicrafts produced by the Taliban who will have laid down arms and want to do business with Italy and other EU countries.

24 September 2020
For the first time, an Iranian-Afghan specialized industry exhibition was held in Kabul this week. Government officials and members of the parliaments of the two countries also participated in the exhibition. Afghan officials said that while Afghanistan imports more than $2.5 billion worth of goods from Iran annually, Afghanistan's exports to Iran only amount to around $14 million, and that to reduce the trade deficit, Iran needs to implement a preferential tariffs program.

20 September 2020
FAI UNA DONAZIONE: https://gf.me/u/yj3txu

11 September 2020
Please help me to resume my activities in Afghanistan. Support my GoFundMe by making a small donation. To donate, copy and paste this link https://gf.me/u/yj3txw into your browser. Thank you so much for your support!

12 December 2019
An Afghan businessman is investing about USD 6,000,000 in a pine nut processing plant in the Afghanistan Province of Paktia that will provide jobs to over 400 people. The new plant will solve the problem of the pine nut-producing provinces. Previously, Afghan pine nuts were sent to Pakistan for processing and then were exported to other countries from there, but it has changed over the past three years. The price of 1 kilogram of pine nuts in local markets is up to 35 american dollar.

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