Graduated (Building Eng/QS) in the early 80s in Italy, with subsequent studies in the former Soviet Union, Ivo Toniut is an Italian entrepreneur and business consultant, contributing to the reconstruction & development of Afghanistan since the end of 2001 - beginning of 2002. He has been working in several industries (mainly in the construction sector) for nearly forty years, holding different management positions; business traveling in more than fifty countries across four continents; acquiring knowledge of four languages besides Italian native. During almost four decades, he has gained a significant professional background consisting in a mix of technical, commercial, and legal skills. Ivo's experience and his ability to adapt to any business environment, his extensive network of personal and professional relations in Afghanistan, the Region and across the world, made him a unique consultant and a reliable reference point for foreign companies interested in doing business in/with Afghanistan by investing in, or trading with local companies.

- In July 2018, due to serious health reasons, Ivo is urgently transported from Kabul to a hospital in Italy. After about 15 months of cancer treatments in Italy, Ivo decides to make his work and life experience available to social projects in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan