Happy and proud to be the first Italian who has registered his individual company in Afghanistan.

Graduated (Building Engineer/QS) in the early 80s in Italy, with further studies in the former Soviet Union, I am an Italian entrepreneur, contributing to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan since the end of 2001 - beginning of 2002. I have been working in several industries (mainly in the construction & civil engineering industry) for nearly forty years, holding different management positions; business traveling in more than 50 countries across four continents; acquiring knowledge of four languages besides Italian mother tongue. During almost four decades, I have gained a significant professional background consisting in a mix of technical, commercial, and legal skills. My experience and my ability to adapt to any business environment, my extensive network of personal and professional relations in Afghanistan, the Region and across the world, always made me a reliable reference point for foreign companies interested in doing business in/with Afghanistan by investing in, or trading with local companies. 

A new turning point in my life

When I was diagnosed with cancer in July 2018, in order to move my ideas and plans from concept to reality, I decided to organize fundraisers as an individual and coordinate my projects with my individual company registered with the Ministry of Industry & Commerce of Afghanistan. This brings donors to be closer to my activities and creates a direct dialogue between them and the Afghans, leading to more transparency during the implementation of the projects.

  • My story:

At the beginning of July 2018 I was urgently transported from Kabul to a hospital in northern Italy where I was diagnosed with stage 4 rare & 'devastating' cancer that would have killed me in no time if I hadn't given my consent to equally devastating surgery and combined radio-chemotherapy. The surgery deprived me of larynx, thyroid, and vocal cords; the sense of smell, and my natural voice. Due to metastases, all neck lymph nodes and a considerable part of tissue were removed. I will never be able to breathe through the nose and mouth again, but only through a hole in the neck that directly connects the lungs to the outside of my body. As an autodidact, after many months of suffering from the side effects of the radio-chemotherapy and post-surgical pain, a stressful medical follow-up, and many efforts to get my body and mind used to the new life, I do exercises to partially regain the sense of smell (and taste) and I am learning to speak with a monotonous and feeble esophageal voice. A voice that sadly limits my communication skills and what-was my fluency in four languages besides the Italian mother tongue. Cancer treatments have kept me away from Afghanistan for almost two years, preventing me from doing any job that could generate income. This led to spending almost all my savings to overcome the health emergency, and to minimize the economic resources necessary to resume the activities of my sole proprietorship after two years of interruption. The loss of my natural voice, the high risk of cancer recurrence, and my age did not stop my passion for Afghanistan and my willingness to continue my professional life in this wonderful country. Hence my decision, to start a fundraiser without which I would not be able to resume and re-organize my activities in Afghanistan and to continue to do what I have always done with enthusiasm and respect for the Afghan People and their land.

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