I have been working in various areas (mainly in the construction sector) for nearly 40 years (more than 20 years in Russia, Ukraine and other republics of the former USSR), holding different management positions; business traveling in more than 50 countries across four continents; acquiring knowledge of four languages besides Italian mother tongue. During almost four decades, I have gained a significant professional background consisting in a mix of technical, commercial, and legal skills. I have been working on reconstruction and development projects in Afghanistan since the end of 2001. My experience and my ability to adapt to any business environment, my extensive network of personal and professional relations in Afghanistan and Central Asia, always made me a reliable reference point for foreign companies interested in doing business in/with Afghanistan by investing in, or trading with local companies.

In July 2018, I was rushed from Afghanistan to a hospital in Italy, where I underwent emergency surgery. A few days later, I was diagnosed with 'devastating' metastatic cancer which required equally 'devastating' surgery and radiochemotherapy. I have spent the past five years fighting cancer, dealing with the side effects of chemoradiotherapy and getting used to living with a severe disability. Now, in the summer of 2023, I'm trying my best to get back to work. 

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