I am an Italian entrepreneur who has lived and worked most of my life in Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kuwait and visited over 50 other countries. Since the end of 2001, I have worked on reconstruction and development projects in Afghanistan, where I represented several foreign companies and also registered my sole proprietorship: Ivo Toniut Services Afghanistan (ITSA). My extensive network of personal and professional relations in Central Asia, always made me a reliable reference point for foreign companies interested in doing business in/with Afghanistan and neighbouring countries by investing in, or trading with local companies. I enhance competitiveness of Afghan entrepreneurship by developing commercial ties with foreign business communities. My interests are mainly focused on transport infrastructure, construction, agriculture and international trade.

It is my policy to conduct all of my activities in an honest and ethical manner. I take a ZERO-tolerance approach to any form of corruption and am committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all my activities. This policy applies to all persons working for me or on my behalf in any capacity, including commercial partners!