Cancer and disability have changed my life, however they have also given me the strength to move many of my ideas into reality.

And I made the decision to start fundraising campaigns as an individual, and coordinate all my projects with my individual company registered with the Ministry of Industry & Commerce of Afghanistan, as I believe this will bring Donors closer to my activities and to Afghanistan, and will create a direct dialogue between them and the Afghans, leading to more transparency during the realization of my projects. 

If you decide to become a donor, I will keep you posted about my projects and activities at all times, and you can always have a look at my finances, so you feel confident in how I invest your moneyIn addition to a donation, you can also support my activities in Afghanistan by making your professional experience available during the realization of the projects. 

Help turn good ideas into great projects!

Your help will not be forgotten and I will always be available to assist you in case you are interested in carrying out projects in Afghanistan, regardless of whether your projects are commercial or not for profit.

For bank transfers, IBAN: IT18J0306949431100000063584