SPT - Studi e Pianificazione del Territorio Srl is the only Italian Consulting & Engineering firm operating in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with a registered Branch Office (SPT-KABUL).

  • From bidding phase to the completion of the project, SPT-KABUL offers a wide range of services 'on the field' to Italian and European construction and consulting firms. 

Registered address: Kalemzai Tower, Parwan 2, Kabul, Afghanistan - Reg. #10951, License # I-81945 - Ministry of Commerce and Industries of Afghanistan | Telephone: +93792013370 

Country Director: Ivo Toniut, Kart-e-Char, Kabul 



SPT - Studi e Pianificazione del Territorio Srl operates since the early 80s in more than 70 countries across four continents.  SPT is mainly specialized in activating technical and economic cooperation between developed and developing countries. 



Transport Planning: Urban, Regional and National Transport Plans; Transport Sector Studies; Transport Regulation and Institution Studies; Public Transport Management and Organisation; Intermodal Transport and Logistic Studies.

Territorial Planning: Urban Planning; Economic Development Plans; Industrial, Agricultural or Tourism; Development Plans; Programmes for Infrastructure Implementation.

Economic-Financial Studies: Economic Feasibility Studies; Financial Analyses, Business Plans; Project Financing and Concession/BOT Studies; Legal/Financial Advisory and Market Researches; Road Asset Management System (RAMS); Performance Based Contracts;  Privatization Studies and procedures for PPP (Public Private Partnership).

Civil Works Design & Supervision: Transport Infrastructures: roads, highways, railways, airports, seaports; Hydraulic Works: water supply, drainage and sewage; Major structures; Infrastructures for treatment of urban and industrial waste; Oil and Energy Pipelines; Energy Networks: gas methane, electricity, public lighting; Supervision of construction and maintenance works; Service Level Agreements & Performance-based maintenance-

Rural Development: Rural engineering projects; Economic evaluation and production optimization; Renewable energy technologies; Irrigation and drainage projects.

Social & Environmental Studies: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA); Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); Resettlement Action Plan (RAP); Climate Change effect evaluation; Poverty Assessment.




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