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My extensive network of personal and professional relations in Central Asia, always made me a reliable reference point for foreign companies interested in doing business in/with Afghanistan by investing in, or trading with local companies.

- I scout importers, agents and distributors.
- Products and supplier selection.
- Market and target analysis.
- Business trips organization and matching services.
- Assistance for trade fairs and exhibitions organization.
- Corporate identity development and promotion.
- Drafting buy-sell agreements.
- Pre and post-sales assistance (orders, deliveries check and follow up).

• IMPORT: My import service supports EU companies to develop their presence in Afghanistan and to increase their business. Based on my clients’ requests, I scout for products in Afghanistan to match with expected price, quality, volume and innovation. I connect to suppliers from the area of interest and carefully I assess them based on reliability and expected product quality & services. I monitor suppliers production progress,  and on behalf of my clients I perform quality controls on items before shipment.

• EXPORT: My export service supports Afghan companies for their business development abroad. I organize foreign missions, specific events, local representative and fair participation.