Dear Visitors, thank you for taking a look at my site! I hope to have you among my donors, colleagues, clients, beneficiaries of my projects, and among my best friends. Feel as if you were at home, know that I am a friendly person, and do not hesitate to leave your tip, your comment, or, why not, to criticize me!

Your donations are very important for me to provide more services and improve their quality, and therefore to increase my business profits which will be used to support projects aimed at creating positive changes in the rural Afghanistan.

In about 40 years of work experience, I have developed skills in the industries listed below and, with the invaluable support of my Afghan work Team, I offer a wide range of business services including: Accounting, Consulting, Legal, Tax, Marketing, Recruiting, Writing & Translation.


Industries (using the LinkedIn Industry List Classifications): 


- Construction

- Marketing

- Energy

- Trucking

- Restaurants

- Civil Engineering

- Logistics

- Architecture & Planning

- Translation

- Building Materials

- Market Research

- Import/Export

- Mining

- International Trade and Development 


Identification of construction bid opportunities in Afghanistan; assistance during bidding processes, preparation of BOQs. From bidding phase to the completion of the project, I and my Team offer support 'on the field' to western construction companies and consulting firms.


- I scout importers, agents and distributors.
- Products and supplier selection.
- Market and target analysis.
- Business trips organization and matching services.
- Assistance for trade fairs and exhibitions organization.
- Corporate identity development and promotion.
- Drafting buy-sell agreements.
- Pre and post-sales assistance (orders, deliveries check and follow up).


  • IMPORT: My import service supports EU companies to develop their presence in Afghanistan and to increase their business. Based on my clients’ requests, I scout for products in Afghanistan to match with expected price, quality, volume and innovation. I connect to suppliers from the area of interest and carefully I assess them based on reliability and expected product quality & services. I monitor suppliers production progress,  and on behalf of my clients I perform quality controls on items before shipment.
  • EXPORT: My export service supports Afghan companies for their business development in the EU. I organize foreign missions, specific events, local representative and fair participation.

WITH THE AIM OF STIMULATING FOREIGN INVESTMENT IN AFGHANISTAN, most of the services mentioned above will be provided FREE of charge to all donors who support my projects and initiativesThe provision of these services cover only a few provinces of Afghanistan but, as the security situation improves, it will cover the rest of the country.