It was July 2018. I had to leave Kabul urgently, and few minutes after landing in Italy I was already in the emergency room as I had stopped breathing. In the next few days I was diagnosed with a rare and 'devastating' cancer that would have killed me if I hadn't given my consent to equally devastating surgery and combined radio-chemotherapy.

Due to cancer I lost my natural voice, and as an autodidact, after two years of suffering from the side effects of the combined radio-chemotherapy and efforts to get my body and mind used to the new life as a disabled person, I do exercises to partially regain the sense of smell, and I am learning to speak with a 'new' voice.

The disability, two years of absence from Afghanistan, two years of interruption of my work as a self employed person, and the fact that I had to spend all my savings to overcome the health emergency, make it difficult to start from scratch in an Italy that I left when I was still a teenager. An Italy that despite being my homeland, I don't know as I know the countries where I have lived and worked all my life. Hence my need to return to Kabul, and to resume the activities of my individual company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

To re-organize my business within a reasonable two-month period, I need to rise €9,200. This will be used: 
• to bear the costs of my travels from Italy to Afghanistan (estimated at €1,450);
• to re-hire at least 2 of the employees I had before cancer stopped my business (two-months' salaries estimated at €4,350 including transport and other benefits, and payroll taxes);
• to rent a small building/house to be used both as Office and as my home (two-months' rent estimated at €2,200 including security deposit and payment of utility bills);
• to buy some new home & office equipment and some furniture taking into account the needs that a person with (my) disabilities might have in Afghanistan (estimated at €1,200);
The estimate doesn't take into account all other costs, such as those related to carrying out the procedures to activate my company, medical care, security, etc., as they will be borne thanks to other sources of funding.

Once back in Afghanistan, I will work to turn my ideas into projects that I will carry out in various sectors, including, but not limited to: AgriTourism, Agriculture, Renewables, and Health.

DYK? There are areas in Afghanistan that are not affected by terrorism and are totally safe for tourists. Some of them are also ideal for starting a profitable agritourism business and getting out of the pandemic crisis. Join me on this amazing way out!

I have decided to start fundraising campaigns as an individual and coordinate all my projects with my individual company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan, as I believe this will bring YOU closer to my activities and to Afghanistan, and will create a direct dialogue between YOU and the Afghans in need, leading to more transparency during the implementation of the projects.

All my activities will be described with the utmost transparency on this website.

Even a small donation could help me reach the fundraising goal, and if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share my fundraiser to help spread the word. 

I will keep you posted about my projects and activities at all times, and you can always have a look at my finances, so you feel confident in how I invest your money.

Your help will not be forgotten!

It was a bad turn in my life, and I need your help to get me started again.