Trade, Solidarity & Inclusion

The best and wisest help you can offer the Afghans today, is to go to Afghanistan and work with them to resume export of their products to your country!

Ref. ITSAf/21/002/4-24

This project is about promoting & selling Afghan products in Italy and the European Union with the help of talented and honest people (resident or non-resident in the EU, migrants and refugees) who encounter obstacles to get into work or have lost it due to disabilities caused by events or diseases. I will mainly work in collaboration with Afghan companies owned by women. The products will mainly be dried fruit & nuts, saffron, handicrafts, handmade rugs and Afghanistan traditional clothing. 

  • Interested people can submit their CV via email to

I kindly ask not to send large files. A short cover letter and a CV that does not exceed 2 pages will be more than enough. Thank you.