I Have the Same Right

Ref. ITSAf/21/005/4-72

This project is about cancer prevention and to create what I have called a 'Cancer PreDiagnosis Center' in Kabul, Khost, Herat, Badakhshan and Bamyan provinces to give many Afghans support and a chance to be diagnosed and undergo cancer treatment in Europe. When about three years ago I was urgently transported from Kabul City to Italy, I didn't know I had cancer, and I would have died if I would not have had the opportunity to travel to Italy, to be diagnosed, to undergo surgery and combined radio-chemotherapy. Why don't Afghans have the same right? Do you know how many thousands of Afghans die of cancer each year because they don't know they have it?! This must end if we sincerely want to help the Afghans. At the same time, I will work hard on the design & construction of a Cancer Hospital in Afghanistan.