The concept notes of the 3 priorities briefly described here, together with the concept notes of all other projects, will be posted on this site once I have raised money (see my GoFundMe) to reopen my office in Afghanistan and resume my activities after the long interruption due to cancer emergency.

I return to work after cancer with many new ideas and the following three priorities:

1 - People with disabilities promoting Afghan products in EuropeYour donations help European people with disabilities to reintegrate into work, and rural businesswomen to create income-generating opportunities in Afghan villages.

Promote and sell Afghan products in Italy and Europe with the help of talented, intelligent, and honest people who encounter obstacles to get into work or have lost it due to congenital disabilities or disabilities caused by events or diseases such as cancer. I will mainly work in collaboration with Afghan companies led by women and Disability rights organizations. The products will mainly be dried fruit and nuts, saffron, handicrafts, precious & semiprecious stones, and marble. All the salaries of Staff with disabilities who will operate on European territory (resident or non-resident including migrants and refugees) will be paid with the revenues of my sole proprietorship and with the money raised thanks to other fundraising campaigns that I will organize both in Afghanistan and in Europe. They will have economic self-sufficiency, the opportunity to use their skills, and to participate more actively in community life.

2 - AgriTourism - The treasury of rural AfghanistanYour donations help me to develop AgriTourism, foster the creation of employment and the development of infrastructure in rural Afghanistan.

Consider tourism, and in particular AgriTourism, as a factor of economic development of rural areas of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan is not for eternity and peace is around the corner. We must start thinking of Afghanistan as one of the most beautiful countries in the world which in the coming years will attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

Even now, despite the war, there are wonderful places in Afghanistan that are safe for tourists and offer very interesting investment opportunities. My commitment will mainly be aimed at supporting AgriTurism & agriculture and attracting foreign investments, foster the creation of employment and the development of rural infrastructure.

3 -  Free oncology test | Your donations help me to give hope to cancer patients in Afghanistan.

Create a 'Cancer PreDiagnosis Center' to give many Afghans support and a chance to be diagnosed and undergo cancer treatment in Europe. When two years ago I was urgently transported from Kabul City to Italy, I didn't know I had cancer, and I would have died if I would not have had the opportunity to travel to Italy, to be diagnosed, to undergo surgery and radio-chemotherapy. Why don't Afghans have the same rights? Do you know how many thousands of Afghans die of cancer each year because they don't know they have it?! This must end if we sincerely want to help the Afghans. At the same time, I will work hard on the design & construction of a Cancer Hospital in Afghanistan, also supporting internship for young Afghan doctors and surgeons at Italian and European hospitals.

And I will continue to be that reliable bridge between Europe (and not only Europe) and Afghanistan that I have always been for many years, and my Staff will always be available to assist all foreigners who, with humility and respect for the Afghans, are interested in carrying out projects in Afghanistan, regardless of whether these projects are commercial or not for profit.