My Projects:

  • Ref. ITSAf/21/002/4-24 | Title: Trade, Solidarity & Inclusion | Location: Afghanistan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, European Union | *MainPriority*   
  • Ref. ITSAf/21/005/4-72 | Title: I Have the Same Right | Location: Afghanistan, European Union, Switzerland | *MainPriority*
  • Ref. ITSAf/21/006/4-36 | Title: Amazing Barters | Location: Afghanistan, UAE, EU, RF, UK
  • Ref. ITSAf/21/008/4-36 | Title: Pizza & Raisins | Location: Afghanistan, Italy
  • Ref. ITSAf/21/009/4-60 | Title: Rural Paradise | Location: Northern Afghanistan
  • Ref. ITSAf/21/011/4-9 | Title: Poem to the World | Location: Afghanistan, EU, Switzerland
● "Bamboo Farm". This Project gives life to 1000s of other opportunities in the sectors of Agriculture & AgriTourism, Crafts & Furniture, and it is also a precious friend of our environment!
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