Get involved in the IT'sAf™2024 Project!

Do you want to sell Afghan dried fruit & nuts in your city, but don't have enough money to buy the first batch?
No problem, I will provide you with dried fruit & nuts on consignment.

Are you a manufacturer or seller of packaging machines for fruit and vegetables and would like to enter the Afghan market?
I reinvest ITSAf profits into the purchase of your equipment and donate it to rural Afghan communities.

Do you want to promote and sell Afghan handicrafts in your country?
I put you in direct contact with Afghan artisans and undertake to purchase the items you are interested in and deliver them to you on consignment.

Would you like to help rural communities in Afghanistan with a donation?
As I have already explained, ITSAf is not a charity or non-profit organisation, so if you want to help rural Afghan communities through ITSAf, you can do so by purchasing the dried fruit & nuts that are traded under the IT'sAf™ 2024 Project.

Many more opportunities will be brought to your attention very soon. I invite you to visit this site regularly to stay informed!

Thank you very much for your interest.