11 September 2020
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12 December 2019
An Afghan businessman is investing about USD 6,000,000 in a pine nut processing plant in the Afghanistan Province of Paktia that will provide jobs to over 400 people. The new plant will solve the problem of the pine nut-producing provinces. Previously, Afghan pine nuts were sent to Pakistan for processing and then were exported to other countries from there, but it has changed over the past three years. The price of 1 kilogram of pine nuts in local markets is up to 35 american dollar.

01 December 2019
To regulate and to support the business sectors, the Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) led by Minister Mr. Ajmal Ahmady, inaugurated the Afghanistan Chamber of Vendors & Shopkeepers (ACVS). Now Afghan vendors and shopkeepers can solve their business problems and boost them via ACVS.
01 December 2019
In some Muslim countries the production of wine is allowed. If this were possible also in Afghanistan, I believe in the country there would be excellent vineyards where to produce excellent wine to be exported all over the world. And it would also give way to an amazing agritourism. Yes, you got it well: Agritourism! Because agritourism is an emerging form of tourism that would undoubtedly lead to rural development as well as complementing other forms of tourism existing in this great country.

30 November 2019
Zuhal Atmar is the first businesswoman in Afghanistan who declared war on the Afghan capital’s trash. She has set up a recycling plant in Kabul where she processes up to 30 metric tons of waste every week, turning it into Toilet Paper that is sold across the country.
26 November 2019
The government of Afghanistan has included a project to build a nuclear laboratory in the draft of the 2020 national budget. The project is among eleven largest projects in the budget proposal. Afghanistan is a member of International Atomic Energy Agency, an organization that seeks to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy and to prohibit its use for any military purpose including nuclear weapons. Afghanistan signed a MoU with Iran for Cooperation on Nuclear Energy in June this year.

21 November 2019
Two companies of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and one of the largest Chinese dried fruits & nuts importers signed a strategic cooperation agreement based on which the Chinese side will buy Afghan pine nuts for an estimated value of USD 2.1 billion.
16 November 2019
With the financial support of World Bank Group, will be built a 58.6-MW gas-to-power plant in Afghanistan's northern Balkh province. The new plant will supplement energy consumed in Afghanistan's major urban hubs of Mazari Sharif, Jalalabad and the capital Kabul.

12 November 2019
With an investment of over USD 50,000,000 twenty new factories have been established in Herat's Industrial Park over the past eight months. Most of the factories are operating in the areas of food production and construction materials. About 300 factories are currently active in the province’s Industrial Park in the areas of food production & dairy, construction materials & marble; and if the Government will provide enough electricity, 25 more factories could be established soon in the province.
10 November 2019
Only the right choice of your local business partner can lead you to success in Afghanistan. Whatever business you want to do in Afghanistan, choose your local partner among women-led companies that have multi-ethnic staff.

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