10 November 2019
Only the right choice of your local business partner can lead you to success in Afghanistan. Whatever business you want to do in Afghanistan, choose your local partner among women-led companies that have multi-ethnic staff.

09 November 2019
Farmers in the Herat province of Afghanistan expect to harvest more than 18 tons of saffron this year. About 7,000 hectares of land were planted with saffron bulbs and the 'good weather' caused the harvest to double compared to last year, which was between 9 and 10 tons.

07 November 2019
There are areas in Afghanistan unaffected by terrorist groups; with a lot of beautiful places to visit that are totally safe for tourists, where you can enjoy Afghan hospitality, special traditions, gorgeous views & panoramas. And let's not forget the exquisite Afghan dishes accompanied by some of the tastiest fruits in the world. Yeah! it's really worth investing now in the tourism sector of Afghanistan. Don't miss this great investment opportunity!

06 November 2019
Kam Air, a private Afghan airline, began providing direct flights between Kabul and Kuwait. Direct flights between Kabul and Kuwait will have a positive impact on Afghanistan’s economy. Afghan authorities are committed to providing the foundation for direct flights between Afghanistan and other countries as well.

05 November 2019
Done! A few days ago (31 October 2019) I founded the Club ATF. What is it? It is something truly exceptional. Join us! Follow us on Twitter @club_atf or visit our page @ https://www.ivotoniut.com/afg-true-friend-club/

05 November 2019
Afghanistan has started the production of an olive oil of excellent quality, enviable even by the best Spanish, Italian or Greek producers. Buy from Afghanistan! https://ivotoniut.blogspot.com/2019/10/thanks-to-olive-oil-mill-donated-by.html 🔴#InvestInAFG