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ITSAf is not a non-governmental organization, but a service company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Afghanistan, which invests all profits in projects aimed at creating positive change in rural Afghanistan.


We at ITSAf are hardworkers.


So if you are a foreigner who would like to volunteer and help Afghanistan, forget the butler who brings you coffee with the biscuit on your desk, the armored car full of bodyguards that takes you every weekend shopping on Kabul's famed Chicken Street, or to fly on a UN plane for taking safe selfies in Band-e Amir National Park and in front of Bamyan Buddhas, or a full-time employee hired exclusively to post your selfies on Facebook....


ITSAf hires foreign volunteers for periods of 3-6 months in full accordance with the Laws of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as long as they commit to reinvesting their net salaries in the projects listed here.


ITSAf is constantly looking for candidates with at least 5 years of experience in the sectors of agriculture, renewables, transport infrastructure, health, agri-food, agritourism, mining...


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