In my life I never liked writing my CV. How boring! So I hope it's enough for you if I describe myself like this:

Graduated (Building Engineer/QS) in the early 80s in Italy, with further studies in the former Soviet Union, I am an Italian entrepreneur, contributing to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan since the end of 2001 - beginning of 2002. I have been working in several industries (mainly in the construction & civil engineering industry) for nearly forty years, holding different management positions; business traveling in more than 50 countries across four continents; acquiring knowledge of four languages besides Italian native. During almost four decades, I have gained a significant professional background consisting in a mix of technical, commercial, and legal skills. My experience and my ability to adapt to any business environment, my extensive network of personal and professional relations in Afghanistan, the Region and across the world, always made me a reliable reference point for foreign companies interested in doing business in/with Afghanistan by investing in, or trading with local companies. 

Cancer changed my life but not my passion for Afghanistan:

At the beginning of July 2018, I suffered serious respiratory problems. From my office in western Kabul I struggled to reach the EMERGENCY's hospital in the heart of the Afghan capital. Then I was urgently transported to Italy. At Malpensa airport in Italy, an ambulance took me to the hospital of Varese where I was diagnosed with a devastating throat cancer. I had to undergo surgeries and radio-chemotherapy. The surgery deprived me of the vocal cords, and I lost my natural voice. After more than a year of suffering and treatment, as a self-taught person, I began to learn to speak with an esophageal voice. A voice that unfortunately limits my communication skills and my ability to continue working as I have always done in my life thanks to my knowledge of foreign languages. But I didn't lose my passion for Afghanistan, so I founded the Afghanistan True Friend Club and decided to use my work experience & life experience to turn some of my ideas into actions that can contribute to the development of the tourism and the creation of an agri-tourism sector, the fight against climate change, the fight against Kabul air pollution, and above all to the creation of an oncology center. Although with the limitations caused by the consequences of cancer, I decided also not to liquidate my individual Afghan company, Ivo Toniut Services Afghanistan (ITSA), but to continue using it as a social entrepreneur. I am proud to have been the first Italian ever to establish his individual company in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and I will continue with it to carry out activities aimed at increasing the export of Afghan products to Europe, to stimulate European companies to invest in Afghanistan, with particular attention to renewable energy, transport infrastructure, agriculture, agribusiness..... In short: I would like to continue to be that reliable bridge between Europe and Afghanistan that I have always been for many years. And I am always open to collaborating with anyone who really has respect for Afghanistan and the Afghans and who wants to carry out honest activities in the country, with those who know what humility and honesty are. 


Please feel free to contact me and sharing any ideas that you would like to turn into concrete help for Afghanistan and its wonderful people. Thank you.


Kind Regards 

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