Afghan businessman to invest $10b in Afghanistan

Afghan businessman Mirwais Azizi, head of Azizi Foundation: “I want to invest $10 billion dollars in this country [Afghanistan] in the near future, and this is a very big investment. So far, this kind of investment in the country has not been made at the level of foreign countries, nor to any other level.”

Azizi during his trip to Herat, has put into operation a township he built for the earthquake victims in  Siah Aab village of Zindajan district.

This township, built according to standards, has nearly 300 houses and its construction cost 200 million Afghanis.

Azizi added: "We want to build a big garden for them, with a park in it, and plant saplings and plant approximately 15,000 to 20,000 fruit trees, and these families will be able to sell their fruit after 3 or 4 years and make a permanent income for them."


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