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In 2018 I was rushed from Afghanistan to a hospital in northern Italy with severe, life-threatening breathing problems, and I underwent emergency surgery as soon as I landed in Milan. In the following days, I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer which left me permanently disabled. Since then, due to cancer treatments, disability, and then the pandemic, I have had to stop working as well as have had to spend all my savings. Now, free from cancer after a long hiatus, I would like to resume my business and trade Afghan products. To do this I need to travel to Kabul, reactivate my sole proprietorship registered with the Minister of Industry & Commerce of Afghanistan, hire local staff I know and trust, and register a new company in the UAE which is essential to me in order to manage the exports of Afghan products to Europe and various Asian and Latin American countries. I could have started again without the help of others and without fundraising if only I still had my voice and, therefore, if I could still use my knowledge of foreign languages as my working tool to provide interpreting services in order to earn the sum of money I'm asking for through this fundraiser. I need some initial help to get back to work as a self-employed person. Thanks to the assistance of the Afghan staff who have already worked with me in the past, I will have no obstacles running my companies as a disabled. To start again, in addition to the funds raised to date, I need at least another 19 thousand - 20 thousand euros. My activities will be described transparently on this personal website, and you will always be aware of how your donations will be spent. 

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