American leading propagandist

I'Ive tried interacting with him, but it's too sickening to deal with all the imbeciles who harass and insult you if you express an opinion that isn't convenient for the failed Administration of his country.

He was appointed ambassador to Russia despite not having the skills to fill the position, but only because the American establishment needed to create one of their powerful minions who could appear to the public as a reliable source of information and super expert on Russia, in order to deceive the public, to influence the opinions, to portray Putin as a terrorist who eat children for breakfast and poses a threat to Europe and the world and thereby to justify the war against Russia and money laundering. Of course, the powerful minions also serve to make the public believe that no one is lining their pockets with kickbacks dropped by arms manufacturers.

In the same way, a phony war on terror has been waged for twenty years in Afghanistan. It is important, I believe, to remember that the former UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, after having described this scheme very clearly, had to resign and died under unclear circumstances. For the same reason, journalist Julian Assange has also been victim of psychological and physical torture for more than 10 years. And he's still in prison in London, awaiting extradition to the United States, where the world's largest exporters of democracy want to silence him with the power of their "law".