I'll get out of it!


In July 2018, I was rushed to Surgical Centre of the NGO EMERGENCY in Kabul and, after a few hours, I was transferred to a hospital in Italy, where I underwent emergency surgery a few minutes after landing in Milan and where I was diagnosed with a 'devastating' metastatic cancer that required an equally 'devastating' surgery and radiochemotherapy. I have spent the past five years fighting cancer and getting used to living with a severe disability caused by the type of surgery I had to undergo in order not to die. For five years I could not work and had to spend all my savings, and now I urgently need to get back to work, but I rule out the possibility of working with a company's in-house staff due to my severe disability, so I will be very grateful to anyone who could help me to restructure my sole proprietorship or register a new company, reopen offices in Afghanistan and in MENA region, and rehire Afghan personnel who have worked with me in the past. My physical conditions don't allow me to stay in Afghanistan for long periods like I did before, and therefore I will periodically travel to Kabul for only a few days. My activities will be publicly described, and you will always be aware of the results achieved thanks to your help.

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A thousand thanks.