Become a True Friend of Afghanistan!

The Members of the Afghanistan True Friend Club (ATF Club) are those who make you known the untapped economic potential of Afghanistan; those who show you a lot of beautiful places to visit, gorgeous views and panoramas of one of the most beautiful countries on Earth! Those who show you the land of the tastiest fruits in the world! Those who bring a touch of paradise to your phones, computers, and life.


What is the ATF Club?  

ATF Club is an unincorporated association of True Friends of Afghanistan that I set up to help counterbalance the bad news on Afghanistan many post. Hopefully, this will give Afghans hope and encourage them to continue fighting for their future. Hopefully, it will also give international organizations an incentive to continue supporting Afghanistan.


How can YOU join the ATF Club? 

ATF Club welcomes all those who respect Afghans and Afghanistan. To become a member you must have at least one Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account. Simply send an email to ATF Club indicating your name and the account (s) you will use to spread your positivity. You will receive your Membership  Number and the recommended hashtags to be used in your posts.


What do ATF Club Members do?

Mostly, they post positive and encouraging articles on social media.


Is it free to become a member? 

Yes, registration is FREE and always will be! But if you can, please don't forget to help move my ideas from concept to reality by supporting my fundraisers


Thank you so much for being a true friend of Afghanistan!